An inside look at the men and women of our nation's SWAT teams and how they are prepaired for threats from terrorists and respond to active shooter situations. Included is a look at the shooting incident at Columbine HS and how that changed who SWAT teams respond to an active shooter.


For many years I worked with The National Tactical Officers Association helping them with tactial training programs they used throughout the country training SWAT and police officers. I approached A&E with the concept of looking at how SWAT teams train and react to a variety of situations. I worked with then Director of the NTOA Larry Glick to arrange a host of interviews, actual SWAT missions and training excerises for the production. A&E connected me with Kurtis productions, the program would be a special episode of Investigative Reports. My responsibilities included,

​​​​​​​Producer, camera, storyline producer, writing, director, editor.